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The pressure on today`s U.S. government contractors seems to be increasing almost daily. You don`t just have to deal with market challenges such as global competition, vertical integration and cyber espionage. but also with the growing demands of government officials and other stakeholders to secure supply chains and protect critical technology information in the U.S. while enhancing the value of their business. ☑ Support integration activities with cutting-edge practices and benchmarks for government entrepreneurs Contact Brian or Fernando to learn more about how GCS can help achieve the strategic goals of U.S. government entrepreneurs. Federal contractors face increasing compliance regulations and audit requirements, ranging from the Federal Procurement Regulations (FAR) and Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), to labor and employment rules, to a focus on business systems and cybersecurity. Whether you are a large commercial company looking to expand into federal government contracts or a small business, including minority, emerging, current and 8(a) graduate, SDVOB, VOSB, SDB, WOSB, HUBZone, Cherry Bekaert, can help you make the most of the opportunities that arise while minimizing FAR compliance issues, DFAR and DCAA or other compliance issues with government contracts.

We can help you with your regulatory issues with authorities such as DoD, DHS, GSA, HHS, SBA, USAID and the IRS. At Mercadien, we offer a variety of construction and commercial real estate consulting services to a wide range of clients in these industries. These include owners/owners, brokers, management, builders and developers, alternative energy suppliers, lawyers, bankers and other industry service providers. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a high level of service and attention to detail. Many often notice the passion and knowledge with which our employees respond to their needs and inform about issues relevant to their company. Our goal is to build a relationship of trust and reliability through fast and proactive service and communication. This is how we offer the Mercadien customer experience. Our tax accounting service and advice includes the following: Tax Preparation and Compliance – Insuring. The compliance function plays an important role in the success of U.S. government contractors – with effective interpretation and application of U.S.

government contract requirements, it can transform regulations into competitive indirect tariffs, efficient cost structures, and approved business systems required by the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), cost accounting (CAS) standards, among others. If your organization is looking for certification and audit assurance services based on integrity and objectivity. With know-how and knowledge from more than 50 years of cooperation in the construction and real estate sector, we know your challenges. Monetize costs. Access to capital. Maximize cash flow. Monitoring of profitability per order. Quality of the building. Bid accurately for jobs while remaining competitive. We hear you. Our experienced professionals have seen the ups and downs of the DIY and real estate markets and can help you in all aspects of your business.

Whether it`s operational consulting, management and tax consulting, strategic and succession planning, insurance, mergers and acquisitions, and process support, whatever your challenge, our goal is to consistently provide innovative solutions by working with your team. ⇨ Does the agreement include government contractors or integration activities that require ASD/ITSA? Professionals from various backgrounds, including country, former industry and former government. This mix of background helps our clients understand issues on both sides, resulting in better and faster results. The following figure shows examples of contract compliance challenges when obtaining a contract based on U.S. government costs: As a government contractor, your business faces increasing complexity and oversight in obtaining and executing federal contracts. If you`re trying to optimize your financial performance and profitable growth, it`s important to have a reliable and advisory consultant who understands your industry, provides customized solutions, and keeps you moving forward. Customers rate us 9.8 out of 10 when asked to answer a question on a scale of 1 to 10. “Are you going to refer Baker Tilly to a friend?” We believe that the satisfaction of our customers and the satisfaction of our employees are linked, which is reflected in our “Best Place to Work” awards.

☑ Support in the combination of cost accounting and indirect pricing structure through the realignment ☑ Mandatory cost and regulatory submissions to restructure the cost structure We enable the success of our clients from 3 different perspectives: We know that your future is never far behind in your thoughts, even if you focus on everyday life. As the real estate and construction markets continue to fluctuate, our knowledge and expertise will help you prepare for industry changes and identify opportunities as they arise. Having Mercadien in your corner can strengthen the fundamentals while building your business today and tomorrow. Since the first important decisions companies make to become an 8(a) to the first single source. ⇨ Would you like to consider financing your business with foreign investors? Cherry Bekaert`s team of experienced and experienced government procurement consultants consists of former CFOs/contractor controllers, auditors and auditors of contracts from the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), contract managers, public procurement managers, and operations and compliance consultants. Our consultants strive to help you minimize the risk of regulatory compliance and maximize contract profitability so you can focus on managing your customer relationships and growth. As the CMMC`s Chartered Practitioner Organization (RPO), Cherry Bekaert helps organizations seeking certification (“OSC”) navigate. ⇨ Have you received notice of an upcoming government audit? Since companies plan for an 8(a) graduation, it is important to maximize 8(a) contract vehicles.

All our employees participate in both company-wide vocational training and our robust in-house training program in public procurement. Even our recruiters are 100% dedicated to government contract issues. .