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The city`s recent proposal reportedly acceded to many of the union`s demands, including language, that no teachers or staff members would return to class to offer a vaccine. The agreement-in-principle allows any teacher who requests to continue to do so if a member of their household is medically compromised. A big sticking point in the negotiations has been employees who want to work remotely because someone in their household is medically at risk. CPS has made concessions for these employees. In the proposed preliminary agreement, any employee who does not wish to return can take a vacation while maintaining their employment and benefits until mid-April. Members of the Chicago Teachers Union are expected to vote on ratifying the agreement later Sunday. After weeks of negotiations, the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools have reached an agreement in principle to bring children and teachers back into the classroom, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Sunday. The CPA`s agreement to offer vaccines to all employees who are due to be submitted this week and who have requested accommodations is crucial for the CTU. The CPS said it will administer 1,000 doses this week to employees who have requested accommodation and are ready to return in person 14 days after receiving their first dose. If employees don`t get the chance, they can take unpaid leave while keeping their jobs and benefits until mid-April. Therefore, the CTU says that no CTU member is required to resume personal learning before having the opportunity to be vaccinated.

A CTU committee made up of teachers and core staff involved in the negotiations unanimously recommended approval of the agreement, the union said. Measures to disrupt face-to-face learning across the county: Under the agreement-in-principle, the county will return to online learning for at least 14 calendar days if the city`s COVID-19 test positivity rate (7-day moving average) meets the following criteria: Relieved Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced a tentative agreement with the Chicago Teachers Union on Sunday to reopen the school: He acknowledged that the bitter struggle with the union was putting parents and students in the middle. She thanked them for their patience. New Key Elements of the Preliminary Agreement: As part of our comprehensive agreement, which ensures that students are able to receive the quality education they deserve while recognizing the critical role of educators in a successful school opening, the preliminary agreement includes the following additional measures: According to CPA Director Dr. Janice Jackson, Teachers and students in pre-kindergarten and cluster learning settings will return to class on Thursday as part of the tentative agreement. During Sunday`s announcement, Mayor Lightfoot called it “very good news” and congratulated Jesse Sharkey, president of the CTU, for his support for reaching the tentative agreement. As part of the new framework for the return to faceless learning, PreK staff and students would return to class on February 11. K-5 staff returned on September 22. February back, with the return of students on March 1 and staff from grades six to eight on March 1, with students returning on March 8. Lightfoot and Jackson made significant concessions to reach the tentative agreement. Of these, kindergarten does not begin until Grade 5 until March 1 and Grades 6 to 8 only on March 8.

The CPS had initially insisted that all elementary school students be given the opportunity to return to school on February 1. While the CTU says there`s no deal yet, it says Lightfoot and its team made an offer Saturday night that “deserves further consideration.” The CTU said on Twitter on Sunday afternoon that no agreement had yet been reached and that members would continue to discuss before a vote. Under the preliminary agreement, the CPC and the CTU agreed for months on the sensitive issues that were on the table. “This preliminary agreement is an important step for our communities, our families and especially our children to ensure that our schools are both safe and that everyone`s experiences are respected and heard,” said Mayor Lightfoot. “It`s also an important step forward in our city-wide journey of renewal and recreation that makes us fight even harder to provide our children with the education and resources they deserve to learn, grow and pursue their dreams.” CHICAGO — Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot and cps Executive Director Dr. Janice K. Jackson announced today that a preliminary agreement has been reached with the management of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) to resume in-person classes starting this week. As part of the agreement, the in-person optional apprenticeship will take place on Thursday, September 11.

February, resumption for staff and students of the Pre-K and Cluster program, and K-8 will be gradually rolled out in the coming weeks. The preliminary agreement was signed by CTU management, who will present the agreement to its members as part of the union`s review process. The two sides provisionally agreed on a step-by-step quid pro quo, which the CTU proposed during the negotiations. Under the terms of the new agreement, 1,500 CPA employees are expected to be vaccinated weekly as part of a new program developed during the collective bargaining process. .